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Terms and Conditions:

1.This program aims at gathering the wisdom and strength of persons of all circles, listening to the opinions and suggestions from various quarters on the reform and innovation practice of our institute, and providing the idea communication path, opinion statement window and academic exchange platform for the purpose of promoting the scientific and technological development of our institute.

2.Welcome to send the strategic thought, academic opinions, analytic criticism,investigation and research, opinions and suggestions, forefront dynamics and focus and controversies involving the scientific research system reform of the research institute.

3.The sender shall not make any speech that violates the Constitution of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and slanders and attacks others.

4.The sender shall ensure that the content of letter has no problems, such as infringement and leakage of secrets. This program shall not be responsible for the content review, secret auditing and intellectual property protection and the sender shall be responsible for all relevant responsibilities. For the convenience of work, our research institute shall have the right to quote the content of your letter and also have other rights, such as release, report, recommendation and retention.

5.The letters are used for the communication between the research institute and the public only and this program will give a reply by different means as the case may be.

6.The sender shall note the real name, e-mail or telephone for the convenience of reply and contact.

7.The letters that fail to conform to the provisions of this notice will be deleted.

8.The senders are deemed to have read and accepted the aforesaid terms and conditions.

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